About Us

At Movicha, we are passionate about bringing the best on-the-go communication experience to today’s busy and well-connected user. We strive for solutions that take the joy of mobile communication to the next level.

iMovicha adds capability of performing a live video chat on your mobile device, i.e., see what other person’s mobile device is seeing while talking to it. This is UNIQUE in the industry!

Tele-communication has transformed our lives Just a few years ago we bragged about a clear voice-call on a monochromatic cellular phone weighing a few pounds. Today we demand phone call, emails, IM, calendar, news and so on to work perfectly together on our ultra-light sleek mobile device. Why not Video? And why not now?

iMovicha uses patented peer-to-peer technologies, supports multiple operating systems in mobile and laptop platforms, and works across various networks. This makes seeing anyone anywhere possible. Although, iMovicha differentiates itself in video applications, it is capable of other common features like presence, instant message, and audio call.

Imagine if you could ...

Have more fun:  Share videos with your friends and families while out in the wild LIVE!!

Stay more close:  Make a live video call to your loved one instead of a plain voice call, or watch your son’s first football game or your daughter’s performance live while you had to be away

Be more productive:  Reach your key personnel for a live video chat anytime (they don’t need to be near a computer) while making that important customer visit

Possibilities are endless.  You choose!!