Why IoT Will Have a Big Impact on Health Care

Why IoT Will Have a Big Impact on Health Care

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) entails the use of electronic devices that help to capture or monitor data and are linked to a public or private network, empowering them to mechanically initiate certain events.

In this article, we will study the context of IoT in the health care industry and come across the myriad of benefits it has bestowed upon it.

Internet of Things and the health care industry

Before the arrival of IoT, the patient’s interactions with doctors were restricted to physical visits and tele and text communications. There was absolutely no way in which the doctors could continuously monitor a patient’s health and suggest treatments accordingly.

However, with the introduction of IoT in the health care sector, patient care has undergone a paradigm shift, making superlative care accessible to all. The amazing IoT-enabled devices have made remote monitoring possible, empowering the doctors to deliver superior health care. It has also facilitated patient engagement by making interactions with doctors much more convenient and efficient. Furthermore, remote monitoring has greatly diminished health care costs by reducing the length of hospital stay and preventing re-admissions.

With the use of this technology-based health care system, the quality, and efficiency of treatments have improved. Today, there are numerous applications of IoT in health care that is benefiting patients, families, hospitals and doctors in a big way.

Benefits of IoT in health care

Simultaneous Reporting and Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of patients helps in dispensing quicker and more effective treatment. Reporting emergencies through a mobile app allows doctors to access information faster and offer high-quality care much before the patient reaches the hospital.

A smart gadget is connected to a mobile app that collects medical and all other necessary health-related data, such as oxygen and blood sugar levels, blood pressure, ECGs, weight,


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