Day: September 30, 2019

Embrace Transparency as Your Business Grows

  • Employees will be more likely to trust a company that keeps them informed and engaged – just like consumers will be more eager to support a business that showcases its values.
  • Transparency becomes more difficult as companies grow larger, but it also becomes more important.
  • Cross-department shadowing and in-person meetings are two effective ways to encourage transparency. 

Transparency is an essential and desirable quality for any business. Consumers demand a clear and upfront look at how companies operate, and the people who work for those companies crave the same transparency.

With fewer employees and layers of decision-makers, small businesses might find it easier to be transparent. But what happens when those businesses grow and scale? Transparency becomes more difficult, but it also becomes more important. With the right strategies and approaches, a small business can develop a culture of transparency as it grows.

One of the biggest challenges of remaining transparent as a company grows is finding ways to integrate new team members. Most of these hires will not have an understanding of the origins of early operational decisions. Rather than leaving these new team members to make their own assumptions, it’s important to let them see the context of the decision-making process. This strategy will unify new employees with the rest of the team while establishing a bond of trust between them and leadership. 

Along with a unified workforce, there are other benefits to transparency. For one, it can generate more support for management. When everyone knows how decisions are made and what’s important, team members are more likely to be on board when there’s a change at the top. Transparency can also make it easier to adapt by providing a track record to anticipate future changes and help employees adjust to shifting conditions.

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In a creditors’ voluntary liquidation, the administrators should appoint one of their quantity to preside at the first meeting of collectors ( IA86 , section ninety eight). Administrators who fail to adjust to their obligations beneath this part are liable to a high-quality. They might be required to attend other meetings of creditors and members in an bancrupt liquidation if the liquidator sees fit (Insolvency Guidelines 1986, rule four.58). Directors of an organization proposing a voluntary association are required to attend the collectors’ and members’ meetings convened to consider the proposals and in some situations former directors can also be required to attend (Insolvency Rules 1986, Rule 1.sixteen).

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