Day: November 4, 2019

4 Lead Nurturing Tactics That Work

When a potential new customer expresses interest in your business, it’s a reason to celebrate. Your marketing efforts and your sales outreach have earned someone’s attention. You have a lead, that is someone who raised their hand and showed an interest in your business. However, rarely does an interested potential buyer convert on the spot. Instead, you must keep in touch with your lead through a process known as lead nurturing.

What is lead nurturing?

Lead nurturing is a process to engage people who have inquired about your business, but aren’t ready to buy. Nurturing a lead means asking qualifying questions, establishing a connection and keeping the conversation going with content and valuable information. Keeping your company top of mind means that when the lead is ready to buy, they will be comfortable going to you because you took the time to build trust and a relationship.

Why do you need a lead nurturing strategy?

In addition to creating a trusting relationship with your prospect, there are many additional reasons why you need a lead nurturing strategy. Nurturing leads can give you an edge over the competition because many sales reps give up on leads after just one attempted contact. You’ll stand out from the crowd if you keep in touch with your leads over a series of emails and phone calls. Leads that are nurtured generate more business – a 20% increase in sales opportunities according to Salesforce. Finally, by nurturing leads you will learn the sales cycle of your business, or how long it takes a lead to become business for you, which will help you predict revenue and future sales.

There are many lead nurturing tactics that work, but which tactics work best? The following tactics are worth embracing:

1. Follow up fast

While not all


Accepting Credit Card Payments on a Mobile Phone

The ability to accept credit cards and debit cards at the point of sale (POS) is a must for small businesses today. In an increasingly cashless society, customers expect to pay for goods and services with their cards. An in-store ATM doesn’t cut it; customers want quick and easy payment options.

Unfortunately, investing in a credit card terminal or POS system can be expensive. For some small businesses, these systems might be overkill. Luckily, there are payment processors that allow you to accept credit card payments using your phone. All you need is a mobile application and a credit card reader.


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Can I take credit card payments on my phone?

You can accept credit card payments on your phone by partnering with a payment processor that offers mobile credit card processing solutions. Some of the most popular brands are Square, SumUp and PayPal, each of which offers mobile credit card readers and pay-as-you-go terms specifically for mobile credit card processing.

Generally, you download an application from the processor and provide basic information about your business to sign up for an account. Many processors will send you a free mobile credit card swiper so you can begin accepting payments, but you should order a mobile credit card reader that accepts chip cards as they deter counterfeit fraud, and using them protects you from liability if you unknowingly accept a counterfeit card.

Mobile credit card readers connect to your phone either by Bluetooth or through your phone’s headphone jack. When you accept card payments, the transactions are encrypted and transmitted to the processor, and no sensitive card data is stored


Small Business Guide to SBA Loan Default

  • Do your homework to find out what your options are
  • Gather as much data as you can
  • Work with the SBA on a settlement

Running a business can be tough ⁠– it doesn’t always work out the way we planned. This can leave us worrying about paying back those pesky business loans. This guide is crafted to help anyone who:

I’m Jason Milleisen, the founder of Distressed Loan Advisors. As an SBA default expert, I use my wealth of professional experience to negotiate settlements. This is thanks to my stint as a workout officer for the largest SBA in the U.S., followed by the past 10 years of working directly with borrowers as a consultant, I’ve learned a lot I can share. 

If you’re looking to cross a bridge (or perhaps a gauntlet would be more appropriate), you have to start somewhere. This means taking that crucial first step of admitting to yourself that failure (and the resulting default) is a real possibility. Where do you get started when you’ve defaulted on your SBA loan? How do you get from zero to one?

Take a look in the mirror

While it may be emotional to have your SBA loan hanging over you, consider your options wisely. Before the SBA will even sniff at a settlement, they need to know you’ve already done everything in your power to pay off your loan in full.

Your loan is likely secured by your business assets. If the collective value of these business assets will cover the loan, you’ll need to sell them to repay the full amount. If you’re lucky, you might not have to sell everything, and your business can still continue to operate on bare-bones resources. The reality, however, is that in most situations, the business folds.

In the vast


Business Finance & Investment

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The article singularly means that advisors incorporate multigenerational planning into their practices so as to maintain assets and retain shoppers and their heirs. One may argue that many advisors, and household enterprise advisors in particular, are in search of to incorporate multigenerational planning into their discussions with purchasers for many causes and wouldn’t provoke a dialogue about generational … Read More...

8 Ways Analytics Helps Your Business Grow

There’s a wealth of information available to any business that’s ready to embrace it. Data is probably the most important resource a business can possess. With data, you can drive change with positive outcomes and support your business’s growth.

It’s important for every business decision to be grounded in solid data. Data analytics can provide you with key insights that help you make the best choices to serve your business and customers.

Data analytics tell you about the health of your business. You’ll have a clear idea of whether you’re on the road to achieving your business goals, what’s happening in your business, and what you should do to make it thrive. 

It’s easier than ever to get pertinent data that affects your business. There are tools that you can easily embed on your website. You can automate data collection and analysis, and get sophisticated reports on your own dashboard. 

For e-commerce businesses, analytics can be the difference between success and failure. Without the ability to measure user behavior and other activities, it’s not possible to make money online. You can use analytics to measure and support just about any business activity. 

Let’s uncover the different ways data analytics can help your business grow. 

1. It helps you set realistic goals.

Setting goals for your business will involve guesswork without the right information. You don’t want your business goals to be a moving target, shifting from time to time. This is where analytics comes into play. 

With analytics, you’ll be able to assemble data from historic trends and previous activities. You’ll have a clear idea of what your goals should and can be right from the start. This ensures that you don’t mis opportunities to help your business grow. It also makes it very clear when certain goals aren’t