Day: November 8, 2019

How to Target Customers with Mobile Marketing Strategie

The best marketing goes where the customers are, and if you’ve left the house at all in, say, the last five years, you know that everyone is on their phone. That’s a trend that shows no signs of reversing. A recent study found that almost three-quarters of internet users will go online solely through their smartphones by 2025, meaning that if you want to reach them you need to shift your resources towards the mobile market.

But mobile marketing is an art and science all its own – it’s as different from brick-and-mortar marketing as Candy Crush is from chess. To succeed in the mobile space, you’ll have to use marketing strategies that are specifically formulated for the medium and the unique preferences of mobile users. Here are four of the best mobile marketing strategies that you can use to reach people where they live today.

App-based marketing

Mobile users spend 80% of their time using apps, so app-based marketing represents one of your most important marketing opportunities. If your business doesn’t have its own dedicated app, you can still reach consumers through services like Google AdMob, which allows advertisers to place their ads within third-party apps. You can also use Facebook’s Promoted Post ads, which appear within Facebook’s mobile app as part of users’ newsfeeds.

But marketing via your business’s custom mobile app allows you to make contact with proven, loyal customers. For example, skincare giant Sephora used its app to dramatically expand consumer engagement by offering features like rewards programs and custom-tailored shopping experiences. They’ve harnessed artificial intelligence to allow consumers to test makeup products, and they leverage consumer data to steer users toward products that will likely appeal to them. In 2020, the possibilities of app-based marketing are limited only by your imagination.


Apps can foster


How to Promote Your Restaurant

As the restaurant industry continues to grow increasingly competitive, it’s more important than ever to promote your small business. Business owners in the hospitality niche are turning away from traditional marketing channels and beginning to use a range of unique promotion methods.

With over 90% of consumers researching restaurants online before deciding on a dining location, you can no longer rely on traditional forms of promotion to keep customers walking through the door.

Using the creative promotion methods on my list can help you

  • Connect with new customers using various digital marketing channels
  • Build restaurant recognition with local consumers
  • Leverage delivery services to expand your customer base
  • Build customer loyalty using automated loyalty programs

So, how can you use creative methods to promote your business in 2020 and beyond? Let’s explore 10 unique restaurant promotion ideas and trends to help grow your business.

Social media is the new frontier of restaurant promotion. You can build online profiles, communicate with customers, display new offers and advertise to interested consumers. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media giants enable business owners to pinpoint the segments of the market that are likely interested in their food.

While Facebook has traditionally been the most popular social media platform for advertising restaurants, its subsidiary Instagram has become an industry titan. Some restaurants targeting younger clientele have even forgone traditional websites and now exclusively maintain Instagram accounts.

With over 60% of restaurant owners planning to purchase social media ads, it’s essential to match the efforts of your competitors. If you’re unsure how to approach social media, you can contact a social media marketing team for assistance. Look for a company that specializes in marketing for restaurants.

2. Optimize your site for mobile

Evidence suggests that over 60% of web traffic now originates from mobile phones and


How to Make Your Business’s Brand Memorable

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the words “running shoes” or “coffee?” It’s very likely that you thought of Nike or Adidas for running shoes, and Starbucks for coffee. Why is that? What causes a person to conjure up a company’s name in relation to an everyday product?

It’s the power of branding.

Creating a powerful brand makes a mark in people’s minds. It’s how you can make people associate a product they need with your business right away. Making your brand memorable has a profound effect on your business’s success. A memorable brand needs less advertising spend. It can drive sales on its own and makes it easy to get more engagement on social media. You’ll also get more traffic and conversions. 

Sounds good? Great! Let’s dive into four ways you can make your brand more memorable. 

You can build a membership site to host your online brand community. Creating an online brand community enables greater communication between your business and customers. A membership site creates a space for meaningful discussions. It’s a place where your customers can ask questions and get answers to their problems. A brand community can create an online identity for your customers related to your brand. 

Building a membership site has other advantages that can help with branding:

  • You can create a free repository of information.
  • You create better customer support since your customer support staff can focus on important concerns. This also reduces customer support costs.
  • You can test products and generate ideas from users to build better products.
  • It increases customer retention and reduces the need for customer acquisition.
  • You can create repeat purchases.
  • It’s possible to focus on your present customers to increase the frequency of purchases.

Building a membership platform can make your customers more invested