Day: November 28, 2019

5 Data Trends for Entrepreneurs in 2020

One of the most amazing things I’ve experienced over the last few years is the ever-increasing rise in how much we as entrepreneurs depend on data. It seems that I can now track almost every metric imaginable, which helps me get a better pulse on how things are going for my business.

But while this offers many opportunities for me and other entrepreneurs, getting the most out of our data isn’t always easy. After all, if you have too much data and don’t know how to use it, you’re really not much better off than if you didn’t have any data at all.

The good news is that new technologies and opportunities continue to spring up in the realm of data. These trends can make a meaningful difference for all entrepreneurs, regardless of industry. By taking advantage of some of the data trends on the horizon, you’ll be able to set your business up for success in 2020 and beyond.

1. Automation and AI become even more commonplace.

AI already plays a key role in many industries by helping businesses cut costs associated with mundane tasks. The collection and analysis of data is no different.

Because I work with e-commerce, I’ve seen firsthand just how time-consuming manual data entry can become. It’s also all too easy to type in the wrong numbers when inputting data yourself. A minor typo may not seem like a big deal, but for e-commerce brands, it could mean not ordering enough stock and missing out on sales opportunities because you miscalculated demand for a particular product.

More and more businesses are linking their systems to software programs that automatically upload, record and organize data from various sources, such as website sales or warehouse information.

Automated data capture ultimately allows businesses to become more efficient by


How Mind Mapping Can Help Entrepreneurs

Everyone’s attended a class where their primary responsibility was to memorize and learn facts. As long as you remembered all the facts and you could prove it – for example, during a test – you passed the class, but you may not have fully understood what you memorized. You most likely failed to retain most of the new information.

Mind mapping, however, is a better way of absorbing knowledge. You can use it for anything from creating a plan for developing a healthy habit to fleshing out a pivotal business idea. It involves building on ideas that you already know and comprehend so that you can absorb new concepts with a real understanding and better retention.

What is mind mapping?

A mind map can help you learn a large, unfamiliar body of concepts. It’s a technique that involves using both the left and right sides of your brain to absorb new ideas. The visual aid created during a mind-mapping exercise can help you to organize new information as it correlates to a new central concept. Once you establish a new central concept, you can build out your mind map with branches of related sub-concepts.

Eventually, you’ll create a hierarchy that shows the relationship between a concept that you already understand and the new one. Mind mapping works because it takes advantage of the natural cortical skills used to process and absorb new information.

Mind mapping can help with retention and learning

Mind mapping enables meaningful learning, which occurs when you retain new knowledge by connecting it to existing knowledge. Mind mapping forces your brain to make the connections between what you know and what you’ve just learned. Learners make this connection by mapping discrete pieces of information around a central theme. 

Historically, the Romans used the loci visualization technique to


Dos And Don’ts From 12 Small Business Finance Gurus

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