Can PR Be Seasonal?

PR agency managed campaigns which utilise a range of traditional and digital channels are imperative for business prosperity and increased market share. Seasons often dictate product demand, relevance, consumer’s mindsets and their willingness to make a purchase, therefore seasonal PR must be tailored to effectively engage consumers at key moments and outperform rivals.

Seasonal PR requires preparation and specialist roll-out, knowledge of who and where your target market is and their shopping habits, and a strong brand identity.

Example: A traditional roast is less likely to appeal to consumers in the summer months than in the winter, particularly Christmas, because any steak, chicken and vegetables they have in the fridge are often destined for a barbeque or salad. The PR angle should be shifted to recognise this and to produce the optimum conversion from interest to sales for these food items. Remind consumers of the product benefits in each season to secure all year long interest and vital loyalty for repeat business and recommendations.

Whichever PR channels are most viable for your brand, the goal is to enthuse consumers, instil nostalgia and a wish to create the same positive experience now. Imagine a PR agency informing you, their esteemed client, that your May bank holiday’s PR campaign for a cool drink would be “hosted” by a figure synonymous with Christmas in consumers’ minds, it won’t yield pleasing results. Relevance is questioned; the message lost.

Ceres PR is a leading food and drink PR agency with substantial experience converting interest in to repeat sales and revenue. Their team understands that your brand needs to be in the consumer’s mind as they shop, online or on the high street. Simply believing that a popular ice cream dessert brand will sell well over Christmas without any PR effort or investment is to send consumers to your competitors.

Via traditional media, newspapers, magazines, digital platforms and online content, never allow your relationship with the consumer to flag, whatever the season. Keep them interested with news updates, monitor their attitude on social media, upload shareable content which they can send to family and friends, so they can become unpaid brand ambassadors. 

Influencers, leading figures who are recognisable for their skills or prominence in certain seasons have a substantial impact on product uptake. For example, would you contact a well-known chef about seasonal PR for food and drink products or a comedian? Who would generate trust and authority? Selecting the right influencer is crucial.

Generating an emotional response is essential to engage consumers. Using a narrative, based on the season, is a primary tool used by PR agency teams when they organise seasonal PR campaigns. Brand storytelling uses a narrative and sells without seeming to; the consumer becomes captivated by the story unfolding; strength against adversity, a battle to get home for Christmas, the search for the perfect gift for a spring wedding or autumn event. The positive outcome is the product or service offered by the brand.

To secure excellent return on investment for your seasonal PR campaign, please contact a leading PR agency today.