How Technology Benefits Small Business

How Technology Benefits Small Business

Technology has found its way into many layers of society, and many areas of business have been affected deeply by the developments in this field. It’s very likely that we’ll continue to see these developments as well, as many people stand to gain a lot from integrating modern technological advancements into their operations on a deeper level. Small businesses are no exception, especially those that are just starting out. It’s important to understand the implications of these developments for your own company, because utilizing them to their full potential is going to be crucial for expanding.

Better brand exposure

Using modern technological solutions can allow a business to gain significantly better exposure than possible in the past. This is particularly true for small businesses, which can experience significant difficulties in gaining territory in the beginning. Using certain solutions can be a very cost-effective approach to maximizing the exposure of your business, instead of relying on the classic, traditional marketing methods. Of course, everything has its place, and you should not underestimate the benefits of older techniques either. But things like digital ads should definitely not be underestimated because their potential to impact your operations is greater than ever before.

Natural communication with customers

Social media has changed everything with regards to the way people communicate with the companies whose products they purchase. We’re likely only seeing the tip of the iceberg in this regard. It’s easier than ever to get in touch with a company and raise your voice about certain issues with their services, and it’s a good idea for every business owner to familiarize themselves with the benefits that lie there. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to integrate social media services into your company’s standard operations, and it’s definitely something you should consider doing at the


7 Ways to Increase Customer Retention

7 Ways to Increase Customer Retention

Businesses grow by acquiring new customers, but they thrive by keeping their existing ones happy. Businesses need to put in the effort to retain current customers. Doing so can be even more important than acquiring new ones.

 There is compelling data that backs up the need for businesses to focus on their customer retention strategies.

It’s clear that you should avoid getting complacent regarding the customers you have. By using retention strategies, you’ll be able to better engage with customers and keep them happy. 

Here are some useful strategies and tools that can support your customer retention goals.

Stay ahead of churn rates

The first step is to know what your churn rate is. Your churn rate tells you how many customers are leaving your site or have stopped buying from you. Knowing your churn rate will help you anticipate changes in your bottom line. It will guide your strategies to boost customer retention. You’ll also be able to understand if your customer retention strategies are working by monitoring your business’s churn rate. 

Use CRM software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software supports and enables customer retention. Using CRM software will help you track customer behavior over time. It can tell you about their purchase patterns, product usage and when they stop buying from you. You can also track customer service interactions to understand what their problems are. Such key variables of customer behavior can act as warning signals you can use to improve customer retention.

Once you have a clear idea of your customers’ behavior patterns, you’ll be able to find critical points where they are no longer buying from you. This gives your customer retention strategies a clear direction. You’ll also be able to gauge if you’re on the right track. CRM supports customer retention in many ways:

  • It


8 Ways Analytics Helps Your Business Grow

8 Ways Analytics Helps Your Business Grow

There’s a wealth of information available to any business that’s ready to embrace it. Data is probably the most important resource a business can possess. With data, you can drive change with positive outcomes and support your business’s growth.

It’s important for every business decision to be grounded in solid data. Data analytics can provide you with key insights that help you make the best choices to serve your business and customers.

Data analytics tell you about the health of your business. You’ll have a clear idea of whether you’re on the road to achieving your business goals, what’s happening in your business, and what you should do to make it thrive. 

It’s easier than ever to get pertinent data that affects your business. There are tools that you can easily embed on your website. You can automate data collection and analysis, and get sophisticated reports on your own dashboard. 

For e-commerce businesses, analytics can be the difference between success and failure. Without the ability to measure user behavior and other activities, it’s not possible to make money online. You can use analytics to measure and support just about any business activity. 

Let’s uncover the different ways data analytics can help your business grow. 

1. It helps you set realistic goals.

Setting goals for your business will involve guesswork without the right information. You don’t want your business goals to be a moving target, shifting from time to time. This is where analytics comes into play. 

With analytics, you’ll be able to assemble data from historic trends and previous activities. You’ll have a clear idea of what your goals should and can be right from the start. This ensures that you don’t mis opportunities to help your business grow. It also makes it very clear when certain goals aren’t


How to Best Engage in the Community

How to Best Engage in the Community

During the last several years, the community has evolved into an immersive virtual space connecting more than 198,000 small business (or SMB) professionals. Our community is all too familiar with the fact that business professionals must dig for answers to their specific questions. The helpful and unique information they need isn’t available just anywhere.

The community provides relevant and trustworthy information to small business owners. That’s because we went directly to the source for that information: successful small business professionals. Requesting advice from seasoned SMB professionals, who have themselves been in the shoes of many of our members, is the most efficient way to get to the truth.

The community is made up of real people with a wide variety of backgrounds, skills, interests and stories to share. We like to believe that we can help you find an answer to any question you may have. There are steps you can take to maximize your time within that community. Follow these 10 tips to get the most out of our community.

1. Familiarize yourself with features.

Explore. Clicking around the various portals within the community will unveil things that interest you and possibly features you’ve never seen before. So, once you sign up, take a minute to check out a few things before you drop a question in the forums. 

  • Search the Expert Advice archives. Poke around our Expert Advice Q&A boards and you may find questions asked and answered by the community that overlap with your own question.
  • Use the direct messaging tool. If you find a post that answers your question, you can reach out to the community member who provided the best advice by clicking on their profile and sending them a direct message.
  • Search our collection of articles. By browsing

How Can a CRM Benefit Your Business?

How Can a CRM Benefit Your Business?

A customer relationship management (CRM) solution, as the name suggests, helps businesses strengthen their bonds with customers. Cutting-edge CRMs contain many valuable features to boost your connections with customers. The latest CRMs go beyond helping companies record customers’ names and preferences, containing features that allow businesses to understand the customers and what they want. CRMs also play a significant role in enhancing the customer experience.

A CRM software solution can make it easier for you to meet your business’s needs and serve your customers – if you know how to utilize its complete capabilities to get the most out of it. You should follow the latest tips and tricks to boost the performance and results of your CRM software and customer support team. In this article, we will discuss two main topics:

  • The business benefits of using a CRM
  • How to use CRM to its full potential to boost your customer support team’s performance

Business benefits of CRM

1. It’s a magic wand for marketing and sales teams.

The most significant advantage of using a CRM is that all your contacts – your customers, leads, prospects or people you’d like to target – can be on the same platform. Your CRM is the one-stop shop for your contact database, making your sales strategies very systematic. As all the information you need is in one place, it becomes a cakewalk to plan your sales activities, whether you need to arrange the first meeting with a potential client or a post-sale assistance session. You and your sales reps can keep a close eye on the conversations with your leads to boost their chances of converting. 


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