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Immigration Bail Bonds- Facts to Know

In the event that a loved one or a family friend happens to have been detained for immigration related issues, then you need to know that you can get an immigration bond to help secure their release from custody until their appearance at court. In as much as this is the case, you need to all the same note the fact that these bonds are as well only available to some people and only by having met some specified criteria. In this post, we will take a look at some of the fundamental facts that you need to know of the immigration bonds and as such handle these in the least stressful manner.

Immigration bonds, as well known as the ICE Form 1-352, are generally federal bonds or guarantees. You should as well know that in the event that you happen to be an undocumented individual or a Green Card holder facing a case related to your immigration status, you will need these bonds before you are released by the US Department of Homeland Security and Customs Enforcement as you await your case in court.

Second fact you should know of about the immigration bonds is that they come of two kinds. Talking of the kinds of the immigration bonds, you will find them coming as the voluntary departure bonds and the delivery bonds. Looking at the delivery bonds, these are basically the kinds of bonds that will be issued to the immigrants whose immigration status happen to be illegal and as such are arrested by the ICE. For qualifications for the delivery bonds, an immigrant must have received a warrant of arrest and notice of custody conditions. All in all, looking at the way the bonds work, the delivery bonds basically serve to allow an immigrant so detained by the ICE gain their freedom and have their time out of incarceration and be with their families on the condition that they will be availing themselves for hearings of their cases. The price to be paid for the bond to be issued will be determined by the judge who will do this considering the seriousness of the case or crime. Upon payment of the bond, the charged will be released from detention, albeit temporarily, till their date at court. One thing that is so clear and making the bonds of such an essence is in the fact that with them, you will be able to have the freedom and time to meet with your legal team of representatives and as such prepare adequately for your case. When the charged happens to show up for their court case on the due date, they will be refunded the bond amount paid and in case they happen to dishonor this, then the bond amount will be forfeited.

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