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Advantages of Working Abroad as A Volunteer Nurse

Working as a volunteer nurse enables one give back to the community. Giving back makes one a better person. Working as a volunteer, therefore, allows one to reward the community for the achievements one has in life

Volunteering as a nurse abroad enables one to help the less fortunate in the society. The world is full of sick people who can hardly afford medical care and offering free services to them means so much. Giving free nursing services to such patients saves their lives builds bridges for them to a better health as well as give them hope.

Besides nurses who volunteer get to work with patients and this makes them better than their counterparts who only dealt with theory in class. A volunteer nurse has an opportunity to put into practice what they learned in class with free patients at his or her disposal.

Furthermore volunteering gives a nurse an opportunity to socialize. When one decides to volunteer especially outside his community or country one gets to meet different people with different culture and also gets to make new friends.

Volunteering enables one to improve their relations with family and colleagues as it helps one to be tolerant with new peoples thus enabling one to manage anger and anxiety. Dealing with a number of strangers from different countries and cultures you get to know several things about others and this can teach you resilience and patience; sometimes you might not even understand their language and this calls for patience and in turn improves one’s persona. This great exposure will help you a good manager of your relationships both at the workplace and in the society.

When one volunteer to work as a nurse they get all forms of fitness unlike people in other careers who have to go to gyms and pay to get fit all you have to do is volunteer. Physical fitness, as well as both spiritual and mental fitness, are enhanced when one volunteer to work as a nurse this is an advantage as one doesn’t have to enroll in very expensive gyms or try different diets to keep fit. It also gives room for one to connect with your maker and reflect on people suffering.

Nursing Volunteering helps one advance their career The fact that it is unpaid or one just gets a stipend doesn’t stop one from being a real nurse and thereby nursing real patient from different places as well as nursing patients with a variety of diseases and getting experience and hands-on skills such as communication teamwork ,planning problem solving among other invaluable skills. These skills and team work, planning, public relations among other skills that one gets from the field are a big plus in your nursing career.

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