A Written Code Of Ethics Is Vital For Small Companies

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A subsidiary company’s directors shouldn’t act in accordance with the instructions of the directors of the holding firm except they are glad that the act that’s required to be achieved is prudent, will promote the success of the subsidiary and is within the pursuits of the subsidiary. To behave blindly in accordance with instructions will expose these directors … Read More...

Venture Capital Winners and Losers: How to Stop the Bleeding from a Struggling VC Investment and How to Capitalize on Success

Venture Capital Winners and Losers: How to Stop the Bleeding from a Struggling VC Investment and How to Capitalize on Success

While venture capital investments can vary in countless aspects, one thing remains the same: They’re unpredictable.

Risk-taking is at the core of venture capital, and sometimes that risk can pay off in a big way. Other times, it can result in a problematic situation that requires a concerted effort to turn things around. So how do you handle these two extremes – restoring a struggling, but possibly valuable investment, and exploiting a highly successful one?

Let’s look at both ends of the spectrum separately.

The losing investments 

I recently had a venture capital client who had invested in a small software company that was essentially bleeding cash. The business had been in his portfolio for five years and had real customers and revenue, but profitability was lagging. The investor didn’t want to shut it down, but he also didn’t want to continue writing checks to barely keep it above water.

The company clearly had value, but the investor needed to know exactly how to derive that value – and how to stop the bleeding.

Although a so-called “purgatory” investment like this might have the potential to be valuable in the future, investors tend to view it as a drain on their resources, especially if there’s no clear end in sight. A decision needs to be made, with the investor’s choice of action ultimately tipping the tables toward success or failure.

When a venture reaches this point, investors have four options:

1. Sell the company: Ideally, you would sell the company to a strategic buyer who is interested because of the value the company adds to their own organization. This type of buyer can be hard to come by, but they are not infrequently found among a business’s competition or current customer base. Approaching possible buyers in this arena can be


How to Use E-Commerce Video Marketing to Drive Sales

How to Use E-Commerce Video Marketing to Drive Sales

When customers shop online, they take extra steps to ensure the products they’re browsing are what they really want. Because they can’t see the product up close or hold it in their hand, they require reassurance and detailed information that tells them they’re ready to make a purchase.

So, why not use video marketing to move them through the sales funnel? Video content provides opportunities to give customers a better look at your products so they’re comfortable during the checkout process. 

Engaging customers with video marketing

If you want to increase e-commerce sales, you need to give the people what they want. In this case, it’s video. Around 40% of people say they want to see more video content from marketers, and with good reason. It’s an easy, fun way to interact with brands and gather more information about their products and services. It also breaks the monotony of text, images and other content that isn’t as engaging.

In general, people react more positively to video than other mediums. The demand for video has increased so much that marketers feel they have no choice but to make it the centerpiece of their content marketing strategies. About 45% of marketers plan to use YouTube as a content distribution channel in the near future, while 41% plan to use Facebook video content.

We’re going to go over the different ways you can use ecommerce video marketing to generate more sales, including:

Let’s get started.

1. Optimize video for mobile devices

You need to appeal to those in your audience who view your content on their smartphones and other non-desktop devices. If not, you’re neglecting more than 50 percent of people who view video content. If someone uses their mobile device or tablet to browse your website but can’t properly view your videos,


Should Your Small Business Rent a Coworking Space?

Should Your Small Business Rent a Coworking Space?

Many startup owners are hard at work trying to find an affordable workspace for themselves and their employees, but that’s easier said than done these days. Partly because the real estate market is so crowded in major metropolitan areas, more and more startup owners have been resorting to coworking arrangements or sharing an office space with workers from another company who help split the bill.

More often than not, coworking makes sense for startups, but only if those in charge are familiar with the arrangement and know how to make the best of it. When does coworking make sense for your startup? Here’s what you need to know about making the move into a shared working space.

Working from home isn’t always the answer

Many startups begin in the home, which is only natural given that most have relatively little cash to spare on expensive offices. Just because you’re crunched for cash doesn’t mean you have to put up with squalid working conditions, however. When working from home isn’t the answer, a coworking arrangement may be an alternative way to establish your business without breaking the bank. There are also many benefits to a coworking space that you can take advantage of outside of shared rent; shared internet services, electricity, and 24-hour access, for instance, can go a long way towards supercharging your startup’s initial foraying into the market.

The average costs associated with coworking arrangements are routinely lower than those associated with traditional business offices. This should come as little surprise, as sharing your space necessarily means that it’s not as valuable as it once was before. Don’t fret about your startup going stagnant because of an inability to work in shared conditions, however; many of those who rely on coworking arrangements were initially opposed to the setup but


How Progressive Web Apps Are Changing Businesses

How Progressive Web Apps Are Changing Businesses

For some time now, Google has been emphasizing the importance of responsive websites. According to Statista, 48.9% of all website traffic comes from smartphones alone, and that number is expected to grow as developing nations get online using affordable and accessible smartphones, and as more people ditch desktop computers and laptops in favor of the convenience their tablets and smartphones offer. 

Back in 2015, Google announced that it would start to favor responsive sites, and we’ve certainly seen search results reflect this preference, and will continue to do so. Not only did it put new measures in place for monitoring and tracking the optimization of sites, but it also provided site owners with the necessary tools to do so as well.

But technology progresses quickly, and now there is a new way to engage with your website visitors in a more effective and engaging way, which is through the use of progressive web apps. 

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What are progressive web apps?

Take the best aspects of a native mobile app and a minimalist responsive website, and you’ve got a progressive web app (PWA). 

First announced by Google four years ago, the format has already been adopted by many big brands, including Twitter, Forbes and Housing.com. However, thanks to the maturity of the tech required for their creation, PWAs are now becoming accessible to all, including small businesses – even those who could not have afforded to have their own app developed from scratch, which is a big part of their appeal. 

As a format, PWA is designed to offer a perfect user experience; they are as reliable as a website (no apps crashing